Nobuyuki Umeda, CEO


While I was in Japan, I used to manage sales of stationery and store supplies. I used to carry samples, catalogs and mass merchandisers such as stationery and relevant tools. I had been involved in distribution business and used to supply hardware to Home Centers, GMS, Discount Stores, Drug Stores, etc. across Japan. I had been dealing in catalog mail orders and much more.

I liked dealership surveys in Japan and I felt pretty comfortable to memorize the data posted in the yearbook of home center and drug store to check all the stores. Truly speaking, that was a fun!

Even though it was a personal trip to Japan for me but I learnt a lot about business there. Once I got into a home center and I bought a cheese for a friend; right there, an amazing idea clicked in my mind. After that, I engaged myself in Buyer Business to develop our own products and develop OEM for customers around China production factory.

When it comes to product development for Japan, there are so many customers seeking extremely high quality products. It wasn’t difficult for me to build a local factory and it was the time when I thought “patience” is indispensable to work anywhere.

Currently I’m living in Vietnam for last ten years and I have conducted thorough research to better understand the Vietnamese Market. I have been surveying the supermarkets, electronics mass merchandisers, stationery stores and manufacturing factories. I have conducted these surveys on daily basis.

At MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES, our mission is to be able to support you to sell and procure products from Vietnamese market while you stay in Japan. We’re ready to assist you to develop your business in the Vietnamese market. We’re very well connected with buyers in China and the dealers and distributors working in Japan.


Consulting Department
Executive manager Au Kim Nga

After studying in Japan for 4 years and returning to Vietnam, I joined MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES JSC. In order to make use of my experience, I was more interested in Japanese-style personnel management, production management and sales methods. Since I was engaged in sales and management consultation at MAI, it became a catalyst for my hiring.

Currently I’m in-charge of sales and management consulting department. We always try our best to be able to provide high quality services that will satisfy our customers.

I am native from Vietnam and Vietnamese is my mother tongue. Also I am very fluent in Japanese and English.

Consulting Department
Nguyen Ngoc Ha

Hello everyone, I am Nguyen Ngoc Ha.

I am one of the beautiful staff members of MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES 🙂

I take care of administrative tasks such as taxes and bank procedures. I have been ever fond of learning new languages and knowing about foreign countries, especially about Japan. This is the foremost reason that I am the part of MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES.

I really love to speak Japanese and this is one of the reasons why I selected Japanese as my second foreign language while I was a university student.

I am a very energetic person. I am not the one who spends all day at work. While I’m at home, I read novels, surf internet, chat with my friends, go out to various places and eat rare dishes with my friends, and have lots of fun.

If you want to be covered, please do not hesitate to contact me (lol).

Please visit us for the business development and you’ll find yourself among the most productive and energetic people.

I am native Vietnamese and speak English confidently.

Consulting Department
Tran Thi Truc Anh

I’m Tran Thi Truc Anh from Bình Thuận. I was born in 1992 and studied at Ho Chi Minh Open University.

At MAI INTERNATIONAL, I’m in-charge of Accounts Department. My duties involve issuing receipts as well as taking care of monthly reports, inventory management, personnel affairs and other administrative procedures.

I am passionate about eating and just Blue color can make me smile because it is the color of sky without the clouds 🙂

I love traveling to various places with my family and friends to leave valuable moments in my life as beautiful memories.

Consulting Department
Doan Thi Cam Hien

Hey, I’m Hien from Quy Nhon, coastal city of central Vietnam.

I graduated from the Japanese department of Da Nang Foreign Language University. I had been working as a translator / interpreter in the QC department of another company for one year.
Taking advantage of that experience, at MAI INTERNATIONAL, I am responsible to handle the matters that involve communication in Japanese language. It is an honor to work with my colleagues who are blessed with great abilities to do their jobs and I feel that it is fun.
Since I am capable to work with customers to help them in various industries, I am very grateful for getting variety of knowledge while serving MAI INTERNATIONAL.

I have adopted as a profession what I’m passionate about.

Culture and customs in Japan and Vietnam are fairly different, but I think that it is OK because after all it is also an Asian country. Please come across the ocean and enjoy the company of welcoming and likeminded business individuals.

I enjoy speaking and chatting in Vietnamese and Japanese

Consulting Department
Tram Thi Hoa Tien


My name is Tien and I take pride in being the part of Consulting Department of MAI INTERNATIONAL.

Previously, I have worked in Japan for 3 years for a Skill Training Program. Also I studied at Tokyo Gakugei University for 1 year under the scholarship system of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Since I was able to work on multiple projects in Japan, after returning home, I wished to utilize my experience by serving at some Japanese Company in Vietnam.

My job at MAI INTERNATIONAL is to meet and greet Japanese customers and that enhances my skill of speaking Japanese.

I’m in love with Japanese culture and my hobbies are “Koto” and “Ikebana”. I’ll make every effort to provide services that should satisfy our customers.

Very fluent in Vietnamese and Japanese!

Marketing Research Department
Manager Chung Hue Loi

Hello folks,

My name is Loi.

My major was information technology while I was a university student, and my job at MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES JSC is to strive for sales promotion of products (especially IT related) in the Vietnamese market as requested by customers.

We are in contact with various distributors and manufacturers in Vietnam who work as agents for different overseas companies located in Japan, Singapore, China and other countries. We help businesses who wish to expand sales of their products in Vietnamese market and conduct effective business negotiations on the behalf of our clients. We’re in constant communication with our clients and in order to meet their needs we always catch the latest market trends and support the expansion of the distribution channel in the Vietnamese market.

I speak fluent Vietnamese and Chinese.

Marketing Research Department
Tran Phuc

Hi, I’m Phuc.
I’m 28 and work for the marketing department of MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES JSC.

I am responsible to understand the trends in the Vietnamese market and advise to introduce novel products in order to satisfy the customers’ needs in all fields.

I enjoy doing what I am responsible for and feel rewarding. Thank you very much for using our services all the time.

Vietnamese is my first language.

Marketing Research Department
 Tran Mai Kim Xuyen

Hello everyone, I am Xuyen.

I am 24 and I am currently in-charge of Marketing Support for MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES JSC.

While assisting my boss and colleagues, I am working in a very comfortable environment. I am very punctual to perform my daily tasks and at the same time, I strive continuously to improve my skills.

At present, I am studying Japanese as I am passionate about improving my Japanese speaking skill to be more useful for MAI ITERNATIONAL.

At the weekends, I enjoy going out with friends and take photos. And yes, I like to read a lot.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, you’ll find us ready to serve.

I am native Vietnamese and I take pleasure in speaking English as well.

Marketing Research Department
Au Phat

My name is Phat and I’m the part of Marketing Research Department at MAI INTERNATIONAL.

After my graduation from an Electrical Vocational School, I was in charge of production control at a factory, but I wanted to go beyond the limits. I’m very dynamic person as I love to work on variety of tasks and serve new people so I joined MAI INTERNATIONAL.

At the present, we are serving various clients and customers. Working with overseas businesses and knowledgeable personnel make me learn a lot apart from my professional work. And very often, I feel pretty rewarding to work with such educated people.

I am very sociable and enthusiastic so I love to have new friends. I am very good at karaoke and I wish to sing at wedding parties of my best friends. Though, I never have been asked to do that yet (lol).

I am blessed with lots of friends and I love to have discussions with them about variety of topics.

If you are new to Vietnamese market, stop worrying and contact us as we can help you with anything you want.

Marketing Research Department
Thieu Duc Quyen

My name is Quyen.

I have graduated from a Vocational School of IT and I had been working for a hotel for two years. To make the best use of my skills I joined MAI INTERNATIONAL.

It has been two years that I am working for MAI INTERNATIONAL and have worked with customers in various fields and have accumulated extensive experience.

In addition, I cooperate with other staff members to do market research. My profession enabled me to know about various businesses as well as people and the world I did not know before.

I am tall and surprisingly very gentle so other employees have a special interest in me 🙂

I like to communicate and assist the customers, and try my best to not let them down.