Quick Quick Co., Ltd.

Quick Quick Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MagEx Co. Ltd. Located near Ho Chi Minh City. Established in 2007; it is the first company in Vietnam to provide an e-commerce platform for catalog mail order sales. The catalog is very familiar with the nickname of “NHANH NHANH” (Quick and Quick in Vietnamese).

As of November 2016, we sell expendable items necessary for factories and offices. We deliver these items to more than 3,000 clients including Japanese companies in Ho Chi Minh City, foreign-owned businesses and local Vietnamese companies.

Our handled items exceed 4,000 SKU and we also sell the products of Japanese manufacturers that we can’t buy elsewhere. We also deal in private brands developed jointly by major Japanese stationery manufacturers.

We sell products in various categories such as office supplies, office equipment, IT equipments, foods, household goods, etc. Nhanh Nhanh catalog is one of the essentials at factories and offices.

Quick Quick CO.,LTD.


MAGX Co. Ltd. was founded in 1965 as the first company in Japan to be a professional manufacturer of plastic magnets. We always continue research and development process to seek new possibilities for plastic magnets. We are selling not only necessary material to manufacturers but also supply our own brand “Mag X” magnetic stationery and whiteboard supplies to various channels like ASKUL, Tanomail, Tokyu Hands and Kinds Home.



MAGX Vietnam Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MagX Co. Ltd. located in the AMATA industrial park of Dong Nai province near Ho Chi Minh City. Since 2000, we produce mainly magnetic sheets for North America and motor parts for major Japanese electronics manufacturers. As of February 2010, we have 120 employees, operated by a single Japanese staff. It can be said that it is just an average scale of small and medium enterprises located near Ho Chi Minh City.