On behalf of our customers, MAI INTERNATIONAL will take charge of negotiations with candidate distributors in the Vietnamese market, and we will help you to sell products.

This service is offered by a Business Negotiation Agency, it does not necessarily guarantee successful sales.


Submitting Information

We will offer translation services from Japanese to Vietnamese including your company information and product details as well as estimates you have made in Japanese.

※ Translation fee from Japanese to Vietnamese is 18 USD / 300 letters.

※ Please also decide in advance about policy concerning payments and returns.

Offering Product Samples

Samples of products that are being considered for sale in Vietnam will be mailed to us.

※ Customers are responsible for shipping costs and custom duties (including the sampling process that occurs in Vietnam).

※ Since some items have to be certified in the sample so we will check in advance

Distributor Candidate List Creation

We will create a list of potential distributor candidates.
※ We will list the company’s basic information, website and comments on the list.

Negotiation Agency

We will do business negotiation.

※ We will hold a business negotiation once a week and the results will be shared in Japanese and Vietnamese.

※ We will report on Cybozu Corporation’s Kintone so we can confirm the information in real time.

Creating a Contract

After the negotiation is established, we will proceed to create agreements.

※ We will create a contract in Japanese and Vietnamese.

Support for obtaining various certifications

We will help you to obtain various certifications in Vietnam.

※ If you need to obtain certification by product, we will assist you with the acquisition.

* The procedure is carried out by the distributor, and the customer will bear the cost of the procedure.

Business Negotiation with a Dealer

※After the product arrives at the warehouse of the distributor, we will conduct business negotiation with each dealer.


※ Once the dealer has been decided, we will make a product display at the time of initial introduction.

* Depending on the policies of the dealer, it may be displayed by the dealers themselves.

* If special expenses such as special shelves, etc. are required, customers are responsible to pay the expenses.

Round Sales

※ We will act on behalf of the main store to maintain a product display.

Basic Fee


USD/month(VAT10% included)

Additional Fee

Interpreter for customer when visiting Vietnam:330USD/day
When our company staff alone needs a business trip 110USD/day

Contract Period

Minimum 3 months (After that, renewable every month)

Payment terms

After signing the contract, prepay the contract amount by the day before the business start date

Feel free to contact us

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