MAI’s Sales Support Who Knows the Best about Vietnamese Market

Established in April 2010, MAI International Co. Ltd. continues to act as a Market Research and Sales Support Specialist in the Vietnamese market. From traditional trading to modern trade, we constantly pioneer the diverse Vietnamese market from the standpoint of the actual spot, and we will create your company’s success in Vietnamese market.

Investment and Market Development Experts in Vietnam

We are constantly grasping the current situation of the Vietnamese market, and we support the development of the safest and effective market for enterprises in charge.

Low Risk Starting from Small Investment

From small investment of $990 per month, you can make an entry to the Vietnamese market. Business expansion is possible according to your success.

Abundant Achievements Ranging from Listed Companies to Small and Medium Enterprises

We are dealing with businesses of various companies that vary in sizes and business types from listed companies to small and medium enterprises.



Our company profile introduced by the promotion of kintone/cybouz

We will Support Your Company’s Entry into Vietnam with Various Support Menus.

MAI INTERNATIONAL will support your company’s entry into Vietnam by preparing various menus for entering the Vietnamese market with help of market research, marketing support, business matching and company establishment support.

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